For Many Students, Teacher Feedback Is the New Grading System

From Education Dive, April 30, 2020, by Linda Jacobson

In Vance County Schools in North Carolina, teachers are also expected to provide feedback on all student work, “even if it’s just a thumbs up,” explained Casey Jackson, who teaches 3rd grade math at Aycock Elementary School, but also serves as a multi-classroom teacher as part of the Opportunity Culture® model.

When students take online quizzes, they immediately see what they missed and what they answered correctly, she said. She also provides written feedback in Google Classroom.

“The students enjoy getting the feedback,” she added. “What has made me the most proud, is that students are taking more ownership of their learning. Students are emailing me with praise for their own work and even for assistance in areas they are struggling.”

Without a grade at the top of an assignment, students “are far more likely to read through the work to see what their teacher said to them,” added David Wells, principal of Travis Elementary in the Mineral Wells Independent School District in Texas. Read more…

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