How Can We Extend the Reach of Great Teachers? A Q&A with Stephanie Dean on Opportunity Culture®

From Ahead of the Heard, August 14, 2019, by Chad Aldeman

How should we train teachers? How do we ensure that all students have access to great teaching?

Those questions are at the heart of many education policy debates. While it may be difficult to “raise the bar” on the teaching profession by erecting barriers to entry, recent studies show that teacher coaching and teamwork offer more promise as ways to help young teachers improve their practice and to create a real career ladder within the teaching profession.

In order to find out more about how this work is going in schools, I reached out to Stephanie Dean, the vice president of strategic policy advising and a senior consulting manager at Public Impact®. In that role, Dean is working with schools and districts to implement what they call “Opportunity Culture®,” a way to re-organize schools into collaborative leadership teams. Read the full interview…

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