Vance County Schools Staff Named Opportunity Culture® Fellows

From The Daily Dispatch, June 8, 2019, by Miles Bates

Two teachers and a principal from the Vance County Schools have received a fellowship that sponsors hope will ultimately benefit their colleagues and their students. 

Cherie Dixon from L.B. Yancey Elementary School, Casey Jackson from Aycock Elementary School and Aycock Principal Kristen Boyd are among the fifth cohort of “Opportunity Culture® Fellows” recognized by a group called Public Impact®. 

“It is truly a prestigious honor for Kristen, Casey and Cherie to be selected for the Opportunity Culture® cohort,” Vance County Schools spokeswoman Terri Hedrick said. “Their selection means that the Opportunity Culture® officials value their contributions to the initiative and its successes in our schools. All three of them will have a major voice in shaping Opportunity Culture® partnerships in the future for our school system and others across the country.” This article is no longer available online.

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