Dr. Anitra Wells: Opportunity Culture® Comes to Lexington City Schools

From The Dispatch, April 6, 2019, by Dr. Anitra Wells

It is every parent’s expectation that the children they send to us every day are being prepared for success after high school. Ensuring equitable access to highly effective personnel is the most strategic lever available for improving outcomes for students.

Through our efforts with Public Impact®, an organization that began developing ideas about how to best prepare teachers to support other teachers in 2009, we are embarking on a journey to transform teaching and learning in Lexington City Schools.

Opportunity Culture® helped the first schools begin using models in 2013, and it will be coming to Lexington for the 2019-2020 school year. Implementing this model will not come without bumps and bruises, but will inevitably be what is in the best interest of students. Read the full article…

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