What Principals Can Do to Keep Good Teachers in Their Schools

From Education Week, October 16, 2018, by Madeline Will

Principal Mary Beck knew that in order to transform her Chicago high school’s staff culture, she had to go the distance—13.1 miles, to be exact.

Beck, who is the principal of Nicholas Senn High School on the North Side of Chicago, ran a half-marathon last year both to raise money for her teachers and to encourage them to prioritize their own wellness. It had been a tough few years in the cash-strapped Chicago district, and teachers were feeling burnt out and, increasingly, leaving the classroom.

“The culture of my building wasn’t very strong,” Beck said, adding that she had to hire 21 new staff members when she first came on board in 2015. “We can say we appreciate teachers, but it’s hard to really show it.” Read the full article…

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