Teacher leadership roles come to Edgecombe County

Published on EdNC.org, February 14, 2017 by Liz Bell

When teachers get really good, they often stop teaching.

After years in the classroom, the desire to move onto something with higher pay, more responsibility, and greater challenge is understandable. When that time comes, Public Impact is hoping to give teachers a meaningful alternative to transitioning into administration.

“We’re losing some really excellent teaching in schools,” said Shonaka Ellison, a consultant with Public Impact®.

That’s where an “opportunity culture” comes in. Ellison is working closely with Edgecombe County administrators and teachers to restructure the teaching staff of three of the district’s schools: Coker-Wimberly Elementary, Phillips Middle, and North Edgecombe High.

In 18 sites across the country and three other sites in North Carolina, opportunity cultures have been implemented, creating career pathways for ambitious teachers and maximizing their talent. Public Impact® recently announced Vance County as their newest opportunity culture site. Read the full article here…

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