Pioneering Blended-Learning Teachers Reach More Students

An Opportunity Culture® Vignette Series

Scott Nolt [pdf] | Caitlyn Gironda [pdf] | Video

Scott Nolt and Caitlyn Gironda pioneered blended-learning classes in their North Carolina district, extending their reach to more students by teaching two groups of students during the same class period—when one group was in class with the teacher, the other worked online from home or in a lab, switching the next day. Despite receiving less in-class time with their teachers, students showed strong student growth, and learned other crucial skills, including independent learning and time management. Gironda and Nolt reached 40 to 100 percent more students per class period, with class sizes the same or smaller. Hear them explain how they structured their classes, learned from mistakes and made changes along the way, plus offer advice for other teachers. Learn more in the accompanying video.

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