Pioneering Multi-Classroom Leaders

An Opportunity Culture® Vignette Series

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Pioneering Multi-Classroom Leaders Erin Burns, Ashley Jackson, Russ Stanton, and Karen Wolfson each took accountability for up to 500 students and led teaching teams toward higher growth and personalized learning for all those students in their high-need schools in Charlotte, N.C., Syracuse, N.Y., and Nashville, Tenn. In these vignettes and accompanying video, they discuss their views of their roles, actions they took to lead their teams, mistakes they made, and how they recovered.

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For Families with Language Barriers, What Worked in Remote Learning?

By Paola Gilliam, December 8, 2021 Lea esta viñeta en español. Many Opportunity Culture® districts serve significant numbers of students whose families speak primarily Spanish. How did the spring 2020 shift to remote learning affect them, and did they have any new...