Opportunity Culture®: Introduction for Educators

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Slide deck without speaker notes | Slide deck with speaker notes

This engaging slide deck speaks directly to teachers, providing an overview, with speaker notes, of why students, educators, schools and districts need an Opportunity Culture®, how it works, and where it’s happening, plus a list of more resources.

See here for a similar deck that speaks directly to policymakers and advocates.

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An Opportunity Culture® for All

Making Teaching a Highly Paid, High-Impact Profession Full Report [pdf] | Summary [pdf] In this brief written in 2013, Public Impact® Co-Presidents Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan C. Hassel shared their vision of an Opportunity Culture®, explaining how extending the...

Resources for Developing Breakthrough Schools

March 8, 2013 - Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) recently published a list of resources that will be helpful to those developing new school designs for improving student outcomes using blended learning models. The list includes links to Public Impact®’s...