Ranson and Ashley Park Choose an Opportunity Culture

Principals at Ashley Park PreK-8 and Ranson IB Middle in Charlotte tell why they chose to create an Opportunity Culture in their schools, working with teachers to choose new job models that would suit their schools best—and how an Opportunity Culture helps them recruit and retain great teachers who can reach more students, for more pay, within school budgets, and gain planning and collaboration time.

The video features, in order of appearance: Alison Harris, principal, Ranson IB Middle; Jeanette Reber, principal, Ashley Park PreK–8; Meaghan Loftus, assistant principal, Ashley Park PreK–8

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Learn more about the early days of Opportunity Culture implementation at these two schools in the accompanying case studies, Ashley Park PreK-8 Launches Multi-Classroom Leadership and Blended Learning, and Ranson IB Middle School Launches an Opportunity Culture.

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