Doing the Math on Opportunity Culture®’s Early Impact

by | June 24, 2014

As we’ve noted in previous posts, schools continue to join the Opportunity Culture® initiative, eager to work with teachers on redesigning their teaching roles and career paths. As the first year of implementation in Opportunity Culture® pilot schools wound down, we looked at the impact of just the 31 leading-edge schools who had joined the initiative by April. (Six more high schools joined in May but are not included in these figures, as they hadn’t yet had a chance to make their Opportunity Culture® plans).

What can we project for these 31 schools by the time they implement their models fully, over three years?

*        About 15,000 students reached consistently by excellent teachers and their excellence-focused teams each year

*        About 450 teachers earning far more in new roles that let teachers focus on what they do best, learn from excellent teacher-leaders, and advance without leaving the classroom**

*        Almost $4 million in extra teacher pay annually in just these 31 implementing schools

*        About 80,000 new, additional hours total for planning, collaboration, and on-the-job learning during school hours annually—180 more hours per teacher, per year

*        About $290,000 to $900,000 in additional lifetime pay, in current dollars, per teacher (this number will be more than $1 million  as some schools implement wider-span teacher-leader roles)

*        About $130 million total additional pay if all 450 teachers (or others like them) remain in these uniquely financially sustainable career advancement models for 35 years. Within budget.

See more below. And see Projected Statewide Impact of “Opportunity Culture®” School Models to see how an Opportunity Culture® can affect a state’s economy as well—to the tune of billions of dollars in state domestic product increases.

These are the numbers for just 31 schools. Imagine the numbers when a whole nation has schools in which teachers lead, learn on the job, help more students excel, and get paid for it—forever.

OC Stats Chart 5


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