Giving Every Student Access to Excellent Teachers

CAP report coverA Vision for Focusing Federal Investments in Education

Report [pdf]

In a new brief written for the Center for American Progress, Public Impact® explains why and how the federal government must focus states and districts on giving every student access to excellent teachers.

Public Impact® suggests four ways the federal government can dramatically increase access to excellent teaching and catalyze a transformation of America’s public education system:


  1. Structure competitive grants to induce districts and states to shift to transformative school designs that reach more students with excellent teachers and the teams they lead.
  2. Reorient existing formula grants to encourage transition to new classroom models that extend the reach of great teachers, both directly and through leading teaching teams.
  3. Create a focal point for federal research and development efforts.
  4. Create and enforce a new civil right to excellent teachers.


Read the press release to learn more, or watch the panel discussion from the presentation of the report.

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