In the News: Opportunity Culture Appearances

October 11, 2013

Recent Opportunity Culture appearances:

  • The Education Commission of the States recommends our new “Opportunity Culture for All” brief in its October 9 newsletter, saying: “The bad news: Between 1970 and 2010, per pupil spending went up almost 150%, but only 11% went to teachers. Teacher salaries and student outcomes stagnated. There’s a better way, the authors argue. Junk the one-teacher-one-classroom model. Create teaching teams led by one excellent teacher so more kids get exposed. Use digital instruction and paraprofessionals to save money and spend that money on better teacher pay. Be more selective about which teachers enter, which teachers stay.”
  • The recently released e-book Navigating the Digital Shift: Implementation Strategies for Blended and Online Learning, from the Digital Learning Now! Smart Series, includes the paper on “Improving Conditions & Careers: How Blended Learning Can Improve the Teaching Profession,” by Public Impact’s Bryan C. Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel, and John Bailey, Carri Schneider,and Tom Vander Ark. It explains the necessity of creating an Opportunity Culture when using blended learning and why, without that, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to bring personalized blended learning to scale in order to reach every student in every classroom with excellence. As the authors note: “Truly understanding the potential of blended learning leads to the realization that teachers become even more important in a personalized  learning environment. This realization, that teaching matters now more than ever, undergirds the “Opportunity Culture” work of Public Impact, which explores how schools can extend the reach of excellent teachers using job redesign and technology and, in doing so, lead to better conditions and careers for teachers.”
  • Romain Bertrand, a Multi-Classroom Leader at Ranson IB Middle School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg whom we profiled in an Opportunity Culture case study, has started a blog about his work in Ranson’s exciting first year using Opportunity Culture models. Update: He also has just been asked to write for his district’s “Teaching & Learning in CMS” blog on his experience leading teams of teachers to implement blended learning–see his first post here.

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