A New Civil Right

New Civil Right thumbnailReaching All Students with Excellent Teaching

Scenario Introduction | Scenario 1: Urban, High-Poverty Elementary School

Scenario 2: Urban, High-Poverty High School | Scenario 3: Rural, High-Poverty Elementary School

Scenario 4: Remote Area of a Developing Country | Supplemental Scenario: Urban, High-Poverty Middle School

District administrators can use these materials as an exercise in rethinking the standard school set-up, and professors in business, public policy, or education schools, or teacher or leader preparation programs, can use these with their classes. Scenario planners assume the role of a school principal who must develop a plan to give all students access to excellent teachers with the school’s current excellent teachers, without any new funding.

Did you create a new school model or variation that reaches more students with excellent teaching within the five Opportunity Culture® Principles, which call for reaching more students with excellent teaching, higher pay, sustainable funding, job-embedded development opportunity, and authority and accountability aligned with each teacher’s responsibilities? Share your idea and we’ll credit you publicly!

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