Opportunity Culture 2019–20 Dashboard Shows Continued Growth, Educator Support

March 30, 2020, CHAPEL HILL, N.C.— Noting the ongoing, innovative work of Opportunity Culture educators who had little time to prepare for COVID-19 at-home teaching and learning, Public Impact, which created and leads the national Opportunity Culture initiative, has released the annual updates to its Opportunity Culture dashboard. The results show that Multi-Classroom Leadership continues to expand, Opportunity Culture grows 50 percent annually, on average, and well-paid multi-classroom leaders are empowered to help a wide range of teachers produce highergrowth learning. The national Opportunity Culture initiative—currently composed of 90 percent Title I-eligible schools—extends the reach of excellent teachers and their teams to more students, for more pay, within schools’ recurring budgets.

Multi-Classroom Leadership is the foundation of an Opportunity Culture. Each school’s design and implementation team, which includes teachers, determines how to use Multi-Classroom Leadership and other roles to reach more of their students with high-standards, personalized instruction—one hallmark of great teachers. Read the full press release…

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