11 States, 150,000 Students: Opportunity Culture® Initiative Keeps Growing

June 1, 2023, CARRBORO, N.C.—Public Impact® has released its Opportunity Culture® Dashboard update, showing the expansion of the national Opportunity Culture® initiative to 11 states and more than 150,000 students and 5,400 teachers. The dashboard annually updates progress of the initiative, which aims to help schools reach all students with excellent teaching, consistently, and all teachers with excellent, paid career opportunities.

To update the dashboard, Public Impact® analyzes Opportunity Culture® data and educator survey results and uses the results to continue to refine its advising of districts and charter schools on implementing Opportunity Culture® innovative staffing models. With the overarching goal of reaching all students with high-growth learning, Public Impact® aims to help schools make changes that educators love, with increased career opportunities and support. 

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