School’s Success with Data, Tutoring Focus: December Opportunity Culture® Newsletter

by | December 12, 2022

The December newsletter includes a new Opportunity Culture® audio, video, and blog. It also includes a prompt for Opportunity Culture® principals, winter resources, and media highlights. Read the December 2022 newsletter here.


Opportunity Culture® Audio, Video, Blog

Dramatic Student Growth Follows Focus on Data, Small-Group Tutoring, and Collaboration
Lucama Elementary, a rural, Title I school in Wilson County, North Carolina, implemented several Opportunity Culture® roles in 2021–22. Following a focus on data-driven, small-group tutoring, instruction based on the science of reading, and greater educator collaboration through Multi-Classroom Leader teams, the school dramatically increased student learning growth. Principal April Shackleford and Lucama educators explain their success, and why it led them in 2022 to expand to schoolwide Opportunity Culture® roles.

Leading Through Co-Teaching a Combined Class
As a temporary solution to a shortage of paraprofessional reach associates who can provide release time, Multi-Classroom Leader Sunil Dutt combines one of his math blocks with that of a new teacher into one large group meeting in the library, so that Dutt can co-teach and model instruction.

How Opportunity Culture® Models Strengthen Educator Professional Learning
How does your Opportunity Culture® role reflect current research on professional learning? Researchers at Brown University recently highlighted six key design features of effective professional learning. Opportunity Culture® schools, which provide routine, job-embedded professional learning through Multi-Classroom Leader teams, notably hit the mark for each of the key features.

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