Equitable access to effective educators emerges as priority for North Carolina

March 16, 2022

From EdNC, March 16, 2022 by Mebane Rash

“Students in high-poverty schools are about half as likely to have access to highly effective teachers, compared to students in low-poverty schools,” said Johanna Anderson, executive director of The Belk Foundation, at a recent convening of their board of directors and education stakeholders.

This is not a new data point, but strategies are emerging to address it given vacancies in local labor markets for those working in schools and districts, and an initiative to redesign teacher licensure, support, advancement, and pay structures in North Carolina.

Calling for more on-ramps into the teaching profession, state Superintendent Catherine Truitt said, “Opening these doors into the profession for our teachers can turn into opening the doors of opportunity for our students.”

This policy conversation is not just about more teachers, it is about more effective teachers and whether they end up in the classrooms and schools that need them most….

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